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“We are honored to illuminate your ideas
and bring your projects to light.”
About Us

  • Foundation
    Founded in 1998, SIRAJ Lighting Company was founded in 1998 to meet the high expectations of local and international clients, since then we have been the leading representative in Egypt of the most lighting companies in the world.

    SIRAJ Lighting Company ever since it was established, it has been leading the Architectural Lighting Market. We are following the Internal Lighting Standards and are dealing with more than 30 International Lighting Companies. SIRAJ Lighting Company is well known with its outstanding services all over Egypt.
  • Mission Statement
    SIRAJ Lighting Company is dedicated to deliver cutting-edge professional lighting products and related accessories assisting the leading distributors, showrooms and contractors to achieve their goals. To this end, we promise consistent, value-added, innovative, and reliable products and services, and mutually rewarding relationships based on quality, integrity and trust. Outstanding customer support and complete customer satisfaction are our only measures of success. We recognize that employees make our company strong, and together we share success and failure. We believe that treating employees with respect and dignity is the basis for a pleasant working atmosphere and a key element for customer satisfaction. Our passion is to make a positive difference in the world of illumination and lighting design with innovative and competitive customer-driven solutions.

    We are honored to illuminate your ideas and bring your projects to light.
  • Our Vision
    SIRAJ Lighting Company considers "Quality and Integrity" as the core values of our enterprise. It aims to provide distinguished customer experience by utilizing state of the art technology, innovating new techniques in lighting systems and developing individual lighting solutions to fulfill all requirements, in order to get the optimum return.
  • Criteria/Policy
    SIRAJ Lighting Company has more than 70 employees including architects, designers, marketing and sales engineers to monitor the challenging variations throughout the Lighting Market and to fit the various lighting fixtures and the fashionable demand.
    We offer excellent Lighting Technologies Programs to our employees.
    We develop opportunities in order to promote different kinds of partnerships.
    Our company is committed to provide customers with the added value qualities in a professional manner.
    Our partners overseas support us to provide the basics of Lighting Techniques.
    We also offer lighting installation as a free service to our customers.
    Siraj Lighting Company assists their customers to color their dreams.
  • Organization Chart
    SIRAJ Lighting Company Organization Chart as of January 2016. Click here to view chart.